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This is it.

Posted on Dec. 12th, 2003 at 11:38 pm
"Thanks to the people at LJ shuting down invite codes I have a LJ.

This Will hopefully be a place to rant or just talk out of my mind. unlike at my site because some of my family and friends know where it is. so only the kids at Aura knows I have a LJ. and hopefully I'll have some LJ friends, unlike at blurty I only had one.."
Then some "What kind of soul are you" quiz.
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My iPod, it was my baby. It survived a car wreak, and begin dropped alot. I bought it with the money that I got from selling my Dad's old tractor that he left to me. I know my Ex stole it, I could probably prove it, but I just want him out of my life and out of my mind. I had went to see him and it was in the cup holder with his mini speakers when I got out of the SUV to come around to the drivers side tell him bye. When I got home I couldn't find it, and I kept defending him when someone would ask if I thought he took it. Almost two months later, he had one just like mine trying to sell/trade it online, and I could almost make out my SN on the back of it. :[


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